acrylic phone ring grip promotional product

Inexpensive Promotional Products

How to buy inexpensive SWAG aka promotional products.

There are two ways to look at the word inexpensive when it comes to investing in promotional products.

acrylic phone ring grip promotional product
acrylic phone ring grip promotional product

One way is to look at the words meaning and to understand it as “that you have bought if for less money that if you had purchased it somewhere else.”

The other meaning of course is to consider that you have bought something of cheap value. Meaning, of little quality.

In our business model (Promotional Product Direct) we ascribe to the first meaning. PPD is the place where you can buy your promotional products for less money than if you bought them from someone or somewhere else. Read more…

What are the key drivers that set us apart?

Firstly, we are experts in promotional products. We are not a giant company that employs low paid hourly workers. We don’t give our people a script to work from or a series of set responses. We are small, nimble and know every aspect of every product we sell. And, if we don’t know something we speak with our factory manager.

Secondly, we research, source and only sell the top selling promotional swag. We don’t sell leaky crappy pens or post-it notes. No one wants then, stop buying them.

Thirdly, we are factory direct. We eliminate at least 2 levels of sales intermediation. When you deal with PPD you are dealing with the factory’s from Asia.

Does this sound like a good place to source your next promotional products? You bet it does. Call 1-888-908-6932 or email Sloan.

secrid card protector promotional product direct
secrid card protector promotional product direct