New ideas for marketing during covid

New ideas for marketing during covid

Fitness Promotional Products is producing some great new post about how to market during the corona virus with promotional products.

We have found these posts to be really helpful getting back to business as normal.

In the age of Covid 19 and the corona virus the entire promotional product business has had its head turned on end. This video helps explain.

What we know about Promotional Product marketing during covid.

In the summer of 2020 there is more to all of this than simply wearing masks and using hand sanitizer. All of this is is discussed in an easy to watch 3 minute YouTube video. Pretty cool.

The world of marketing has been stood on it’s head with the emergence of the corona virus, covid-19. Here are some inside tips and tricks that we at PPD endorse. New marketing ideas during covid a must watch.

Popsockets are a great way and inexpensive way to get your marketing message back. How to use a popsocket…read more